Mock Split ring

You have a mock ring, chain that looks like a ring. A mock split ring is created with two types of chains. The first half of a normal split ring is replace with a chain and the second half of the split ring is replace with a split chain. First, you will need the pattern … More Mock Split ring

Leaf Bracelet

Technique R:            Ring LHPJ:     lark head picot join Cl: Cluny Instructions R: 4ds LHPH 4ds, close ring Tat all clunies the same and the total will be the length you need for a bracelet Cl: 10 wraps R: 4ds LHPJ 4ds, close ring

Dizzy tatting

This technique is one of the very few techniques that is to do with the double stitch itself. To create a dizzy tatting double stitch, one will have to go back to how to make the double stitch itself. Make the first half of the double stitch the same way as you would for a … More Dizzy tatting