How to pearl tat

You can use two shuttles and ball thread or three shuttles. It is up to you (A). Tat both side of the pearl tatting without flipping the double stitches. Tat 3 ds with shuttle 1 on the ball thread (B), then 3ds with shuttle 2 (C),  back to shuttle 1, you will end up with a … More How to pearl tat

Clover earrings

Techniques R = rings Ch = chain -/p = picot +/j = join Instruction R: 5ds-5ds-5ds R: 5ds+5ds-1ds-1ds-5ds-5ds R: 5ds+5ds-5ds Ch: 3ds R: 5ds+5ds-5ds R: 5ds+5ds-1ds-1ds-5ds-5ds R: 5ds+5ds+5ds Ch: 3ds