curled in ring

This is one of the techniques that are based off another technique. To start tat a ring off chain / floating ring. Tat the ring with one picot at the middle of the ring. Before you continue with the chain, join the rings picot to the chain. Take a hook place it through the ring … More curled in ring

Cotter pin link

This technique can be turned into a repeating pattern. The technique is a link. To start with the technique, tat a ring with 16ds – 16ds, close the ring. Tat the chain with 2-second halves of the double stitch and tat 26 double stitches then 2 first halves of the double stitch, alligator join the … More Cotter pin link


Techniques: PT pearl tatting P/- picot J/+ join JCH Josephine chain SS switch shuttles Instructions: This pattern has a destined pattern: 1ds switch shuttled 1ds (1 ds would be made with one colour thread at a time) I used dark pink for the outer part of the book and the lighter pink for the inner … More book

Five leaf flower

Techniques R ring Ch chain -/p picot +/j join Lj lock join Instructions R: 5ds-5ds-5ds-5ds-5ds Ch: 3ds-14ds-3ds Lj Ch: 3ds+14ds-3ds Lj Ch: 3ds+14ds-3ds Lj Ch: 3ds+14ds-3ds Lj Ch: 3ds+14ds+3ds Cut and tie.

Advance beading 3

This is for those how cannot get enough beads on the tatting pieces. There are three categories beading falls in. Shuttle thread beads, ball thread beads and beads on the picot. All three in depth. Beads on the ball thread will allow the beads to form a picot with a bead in the thread. The … More Advance beading 3