Dancing picot

For me to dance means to see the movement. In tatting the dancing picot have a similar quality. You can see the thread of the dancing picots. To start tie to threads together, and tat a ring to where the first dancing picot would be. Switch your shuttles and tat a few double stitching, not flipped, on … More Dancing picot

Rolled picot

This technique is a combination between rolled tatting and daisy picot. This different between the rolled tatting and rolled picot is there you can find the rolled section in the tatting. The rolled tatting is part of the ring and the rolled picot is where the roll is on the picot. To start you will … More Rolled picot

Interlocking picots

This technique is a way to have the picots interlocking without a problem. First start with a ring, tat to where you want the interlocking rings to be. Tat only the first half of the double stitch between the picots (not the complete double stitch, first half of the double stitch gap first half of … More Interlocking picots

Clip join

This is a lock join that is made on the core thread. This technique create a ring like chain where the ring is formed with lock join to the core thread. Tat to the point where you will want to create the picot.  Add a paper clip to the core thread and tat the ring … More Clip join