My journey in tatting started when my grandmother told me that she wanted to learn tatting. I had no idea what she was talking about and said that I will try it. I can still remember the night I started to tat. It was the week before I visited her for the weekend when she took her first lesson in tatting. My grandmother showed me how to do tatting the Friday night about 6 o’clock. To make matters worse she could not even tat properly when she had shown me. I put her teaching in to practice and found one thing wrong with my very first ring.

If it was not for my one cousin’s kindness for borrowing it internet modem I would never discovered that there is this one tiny step in forming the double stitch called the flip, I would never have come this far. It was the Saturday morning before 1 o’clock I had manage to make a ring close correctly.

After a few hours of sleep I had started on my very first tatting pattern: Rose Star and the pattern can be found on be-stitched. That in 2012, four years ago. I have come a very long way since then.