Maltense ring

The Maltense ring is the pearl tatting in the form of a ring.

Starting a maltence ring is a little bit different then to start a ring. davFirst, you need 2 threads, ball thread (second shuttle thread) and a shuttle thread. You will set up your hand as of you will be tatting a chain with the second shuttle thread, then wrap the first shuttle thread around your hand for a ring. Tatting the required amount of double stitches on the loop around the hand (it can be 1,2 or 3 ds) switching the thread from the ring, by passing the shuttle through the loop and tatting the next set of double stitches with the second shuttle’s thread.dav

By passing the first shuttle through the ring loop every time you need to switch the thread you need to tat with, your ring will get the pearl tatting effect.davdavdavdavdavdavdav


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