Invented tatting

This technique is a chain that folds onto itself. The pattern is simple if you know how long you would like the piece to be. davdav3ds separated by picot to your desired length. To create the folding section tat 9ds after the last picot instead of 3ds. Using the second shuttle lock join to the last, picot made. davdavTo tat back to the starting point of the technique 3ds separated by the lock join.davdav

Another way the technique can be a ring with a ring the direction the picots face is key.


A normal picot prepping have no prepping due to the picot have a gap in between the double stitch. davFor the invented picot you make instead of a double stitch, make two halves of the first half of the double stich picot davand the double stitch to lock the picot in place is the second half of the double stitch made twicedavdavdav


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