How to tat a loop thread floating ring

Start as you would a ring would, tat to where you will need to add the floating ring (A).


Enlarge the ring so that you can create 3 loops (B). davWrap this large loop around your hand as you would to form a ring, as close as possible to the double stitches. Where the threads cross, create a three loop by folding the large loop (C).


Tat with the third loop as you would tat with a short piece of thread that is left to finish the project, and tat the floating ring’s double stitches and picots (D).dav

By pulling on the third loop to close the floating ring (make sure you are pulling on the right part of the loop, not the part to shorten the shuttle thread), placing the shuttle through the third loop .

Now pull on the second loop to close the third loop so that there is only one large loop left (E).


Make the loop smaller so you can finish the ring (F).dav


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