Flower bookmark


R: ring

JC: Josephine Chain

-/P: picot

–/LP: long picot

+/J: join


R: 8ds-3ds-2ds-2ds-3ds-8ds, close ring

*R: 8ds+3ds-2ds-2ds-3ds-8ds, close ring*

Repeat five more times

R: 8ds+3ds-2ds-2ds-3ds+8ds, close ring

Complete the ring by lock join the last ring to the first ring

Move the thread to the join between the first ting and last ting, lock join

Tat the Josephine chain as long as needed

R: 2ds (11 long picots separated with 1ds), close ring.

Cut and tie.

Cut picots of the last made ring and unravel the thread a bit.Untitled


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