Clover set necklace



R: ring

Ch: chain

-/P: picot

+/J: join

LHPJ: lark head picot join (adding the fasteners for the bracelet)

SL: shoelace trick

Add a bead to all the picots that joins between the rings


R: 5ds LHPJ 5ds-5ds-5ds

Ch: 6ds-6ds

*R: 5ds+5ds-5ds-5ds

Ch: 6ds-6ds*

Repeat between * and * until half of the necklace is made.

R: 5ds+5ds-5ds

Ch: 6ds


R: 5ds-5ds-5ds

R: 5ds+5ds-1ds-1ds-5ds-5ds

R: 5ds+5ds-5ds


Ch: 6ds

R: 5ds+5ds-5ds

*Ch: 6ds-6ds

R: 5ds+5ds-5ds-5ds*

Repeat between * and * until one ring of the necklace.

Ch: 6ds-6ds

R: 5ds+5ds-5ds LHPJ 5dsUntitled


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