Celtic bracelet

Start with looking for the Celtic knot you want to use. I cannot remember where I got my inspirational Celtic-knotted bracelet. For me it was a chain of 8cm for one Celtic-knot with is 1.5cm knot. I use no.10 Ella crochet yarn. I have the bracelet at 16cm long. For my calculation that gave me: … More Celtic bracelet

Maltense ring

The Maltense ring is the pearl tatting in the form of a ring. Starting a maltence ring is a little bit different then to start a ring. First, you need 2 threads, ball thread (second shuttle thread) and a shuttle thread. You will set up your hand as of you will be tatting a chain with … More Maltense ring

Triple Zigzag

Techniques: Ch:         chain JCH1:     Josephine chain – first half of the double stitch JCH2:     Josephine chain – second half of the double stitch DS:         Double stitch -/P:        picot   +/J:        shuttle join   Instructions Ch1: *3 JCH1 2ds-2ds 3 JCH2 2ds-2ds*. Repeat until the length have been required. Ch2: *3 JCH2 2ds+2ds 3 … More Triple Zigzag

Invented tatting

This technique is a chain that folds onto itself. The pattern is simple if you know how long you would like the piece to be. 3ds separated by picot to your desired length. To create the folding section tat 9ds after the last picot instead of 3ds. Using the second shuttle lock join to the last, … More Invented tatting

Split ring bracelet

Tec hniques R: Ring                                                  LHPJ: lark head picot join SR: Split ring Instructions R: 4ds LHPJ 4ds, close ring. Tat a chain as long as you needed in the split ring Technique R: 4ds LHPJ 4ds, close ring Cut and tie.