gathered picot

This technique have a nice decorative element to it. Start with a ring or chain for the technique. Tat a few large picots separate by 1ds each the same length. I used a thin ruler as a picot gauge. Once you have the amount a picots that is needed remove the picot gauge (if you guest … More gathered picot

splitring butterfly

Techniques SR:          split ring -/p:        picots +/j:         join   Instructions: Wing SR1:       6ds/7ds-7ds, close ring SR2:       4ds-4ds/6ds-6ds, close ring SR3:       6ds/7ds-7ds, close ring SR4:       4ds+4ds+6ds/6ds, close ring (join to SR2) SR5:       4ds-4ds-6ds/6ds, close ring SR6:       6ds/7ds+7ds, close ring (join to SR3) SR7:       4ds-4ds/6ds-6ds, close ring SR8:       6ds+7ds/7ds, close ring (join to SR6) SR9:       5ds/5ds, close … More splitring butterfly

Hyperbolic tatting

This is a technique at first glance (a quick one that is) can confuse you with crochet. It is only when proper looking and examining this item, you will see a new tatting technique. This technique have two different bases: a ring and a chain. Note: In both ways of making the hyperbolic tatting, all … More Hyperbolic tatting

JCSR bracelet

Techniques SR           split ring R             ring JC            Josephine chain   Instructions R 12ds, close ring JC: 12ds SR: 6ds/6ds, close ring JC: 12ds *SR: 6ds/6ds, close ring JC: 12ds** Repeat from * to ** until you reached your desired length R 12ds, close ring Cut and tie

Anna Dryer’s JSS

This technique is a simple and easy to do technique. Make the first half of the double stitch. Before tightening the stitch, pull a loop from the stitch through a picot. Place your shuttle through the loop, close the loop, and pull the stitch tight.

Butterfly in heart

Techniques: R             Ring Ch           chain CR           Curved ring SLT         shoe lace trick   Instructions: Butterfly: CR:         10ds 3 first half of ds 25 ds, close ring R:            15ds, close ring R:            15ds, close ring CR:         25ds 3 first half of ds 10 ds, close ring Cut and tie (leave end out for antennas) … More Butterfly in heart